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Can you provide an estimate over the phone?

Some simple services can be estimated over the phone.

Yet, in an area where the environment is hard on vehicles, many of the services and repairs require special considerations and additional labor time based on condition. As such, we ask that you set up an appointment so that we can check your vehicle and at that point provide you with an estimate.

Do you install customer supplied parts?

We are unable to install customer supplied parts, and here's why: The very moment we install any part on your vehicle we become responsible, not just for that part but for a lot more. If that part were to fail while it's under warranty, we're responsible for removing it, paying a tech to determine why it failed so it doesn't happen again, buying a replacement part and having it delivered to us, and then installing it. We're also responsible for any towing that may be required, and for any other parts that would be damaged due to its failure. When you think about it, this is the way it should be, and it's why we have so many loyal customers that send their friends to us. It's our job to solve problems, and then stand behind our solutions. On the other hand, if we were to install a part that wasn't one of ours, then we wouldn't be responsible for it, or anything that may occur if it were to fail. I have to tell you, I'd much rather tell a customer that we're unable to install a part they'd like to provide, than tell them we just installed their part, it failed, and now it's their problem, not ours.

Do you perform IL Emissions Inspections?

If your vehicle failed the IL EPA's mandatory inspection, we are able to troubleshoot and repair the vehicle, but we are not able to provide the state test in house. The nearest IL Air Team testing facility is located in Skokie at 3555 Jarvis Ave.

Do you work on classic or exotic vehicles?

At Ted's Auto Clinic we have state of the art equipment and up-to-date training to service modern passenger vehicles, light trucks, and SUVs. Classic and exotic vehicle require special attention, and access to hard to find parts. As such we do not service antique, classic, or exotic vehicles, and recommend that you find a dealership or shop that specializes in your particular vehicle so that they can take proper care of your treasured beauty.

Do you install aftermarket remote start and/or aftermarket infotainment systems?

We can service just about any of the factory installed equipment and accessories on your vehicle because we have access to the same repair information that a servicing dealership does. Yet, we do not have that information for aftermarket components. As such, we do not service or install and aftermarket parts or accessories. We recommend reaching out to a shop that specializes in aftermarket component installation, such as ABT Electronics.

What is this going to cost me?

Keep in mind, we do great work, give honest assessments of the work that is required and/or recommended, hire professionals, use parts that are equivalent or better then what your vehicle was originally equipped with, and provide 2-year or 24,000-mile parts and labor warranty on the majority of our work. As such we are not the cheapest game in town, and our reputation speaks for itself (check out our online review, and ask your neighbors). We truly believe that your vehicle deserves the best!




Ted is the best. He and his family are the nicest and most honest people I know in the auto repair industry. They have serviced my family's vehicles for many years now and have always done excellent work on all accounts, and at fair prices too. They've even taught me a thing or two about cars during my experiences there! I will get my car serviced here as much as possible going forward.


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